Adjustable Standing Desk

I’ve been thinking of a standing desk for some time. Being a GNU/Linux user I wanted to brew one myself, just for the fun of it. Designing and building it turned out to be a very interesting project that provided some quality time with my son (he’s nine and still thinks his Dad is a pretty awesome guy).

So, here’s the final product.

standing desk


Export OmegaT Project to HTML table

Here’s a script that lets you export your whole OmegaT project into an HTML file with one or more tables, one for each source file. The left column will have source segments, and the right will be either blank if the segment isn’t translated, or populated with translation (or , if translation was set to be empty). Each table will have source file name for its heading. The script was requested and kindly sponsored by Roman Mironov at Translation Agency Velior. As usual, in the below listing the heading is a link to where you can download this script. Continue reading